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Big Brother in action

So we are back with more updates on big brother, we have brought him to life

big brother gameplay

big brother gameplay

so now he can run and destroy the shadows and take his little sister back from the shadow boss… but first, he must overcome the power of shadow wizards that appear in his way

Big brother shadow wizard

shadow wizard

The wizard is yet to be modeled in blender as were all of our other models.

We are using unity game engine to create this game, although I have to say we are not at all happy with the newest 5.4 unity update it has in fact set us back a bit. Regardless this is another scene from another level of big brother:

screenshot of big brother in unity

screenshot of big brother in unity

have in mind that what you see is a work in progress it will flourish and we will keep you updated.

In the making of Big Brother

Hello guys,
We have been working on Big Brother day and night and we would like to share with you what’s been happening.

We modeled the characters of this game using Blender with a style called low poly design for performance optimization.

This is our guy:

Big Brother

Main character

Don’t worry though he is not always so angry… and his guns will have color and texture!


Moving on, this is one of his enemies that we have modeled:

Big brother shadow beast

Shadow Beast



It’s a shadow beast, meaning that it (obviously) moves fast. Then again we have another enemy modeled that is slow! We have decided to call that shadow ghul.
Here is the ghul:

big brother ghul

Shadow Ghul